It's not too late to create an awesome Halloween Costume!

One of our favorite products for customizing textiles for your sewing projects, Inkodye is also a fantastic product for costuming.  We have been using this product in our studio for a few years now, and the UV printing process is easy and really fun to watch.  In about an hour from start to finish, you can create a unique print from a digital photograph, found objects, or any graphic design file. Need to print an owl for your tree costume?  Want to put a superhero custom logo on a bodysuit?  How about an actual x-ray printed on a T-shirt?

Here's what you'll need:

  • Inkodye (,, and craft stores like Joann Fabrics)
  • An image you want to print and a printer
  • Printable transparency film (office supply stores - choose the type compatible with your printer)
  • Pre-washed high cotton content t-shirt or fabric (cotton with a bit of spandex or lycra works!)
  • Here's a great step by step tutorial: Halloween Costume

So, go grab your supplies and unleash your creative spirit - we hope you have a wonderfully, spooky, fun, and creative Halloween 2015.